To help foster solidarity in the Chicago Urban Agriculture Movement and make community resources accessible to the public we have created the Advocates for Urban Agriculture Resource Guide. In creating this online resource, we hope to consolidate Chicago’s urban agricultural tools and information into a logical user-friendly guide. The ideal vision for urban agriculture in Chicago is one in which it is easy and compulsory, where an abundance of sustainable urban food production will ultimately change Chicago's food system.
This page is constantly being added to by a large number of practitioners across the Chicago metro area; please contact if you are interested in contributing!
As this page is an open resource with multiple authors, please note that it is perpetually under construction and we can not guarantee that all of the information included is accurate or up-to-date (we have a handful of volunteer moderators doing their best to ensure that it is!). We should also note that even farmers and gardeners using sustainable practices often have many different ways of doing things, so be prepared find a diverse range of recommended approaches to the various aspects of urban agriculture in this guide.
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